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House Washing

With every surfaced cleaned there is a detergent for the job. Using the
right detergent and the right dilution ratio is what gets maximum results
every time. For us knowing our detergents will give us the ability to
clean thoroughly and effectively with a minimal amount of pressure. This
is important because many “fly by night” pressure cleaning
companies will use high pressure with little or no detergent which can
potentially damage the surface being cleaned. Our goal during our washing
process is to safely remove any mold, mildew and dirt from your home without
the use of unnnecessary high pressure. We have many years experience in
the field that will assure a professional outcome at every job we perform.
Please feel free to view our gallery to see what our low pressure cleaning
system can do.

Deck Washing (Wood)

Did you know high pressure can damage your deck, and shorten its life?

Our company specializes in cleaning and restoring decks back to there natural
look without causing damage. We have years of experience in the deck cleaning
industry, and have found a safe and proven technique to clean and restore
your deck without harm. Cleaning a deck properly starts with the right
detergent, the proper delution ratio, and how it is applied. Being sure
to cover the entire deck evenly with the cleaning agent is how to get
a consistant look for the end result. Consistant applicatin of the detergent
will evenly break down old stain, mold, mildew and dirt, giving us the
ability to wash with low pressure.

After the detergent has done its job, we then carfully clean the surface
of the deck with a low pressure tip, at a consistant even pace. The pressure
will usually range from 1000 to 1500 PSI depending apon the type of wood.
Once the deck is thoroughly cleaned we then nutralize the wood with another
detergent, which will brighten the wood as well as bring the PH level
back to normal. The purpose of nutralizing the deck is to prevent a reaction
between the detergent and the wood sealer when the sealer is applied.
Taking these proper steps will give the sealer its full potential to withstand
the harmful eliments, and maintain its color,which protect the wood from UV rays.

Deck Sealing

Giving a deck a good quality sealer can be the difference in the life of
the deck. Many a contractor or home owners seal decks not understanding
the benefit of using one sealer over the next. Our preference when sealing
a deck is to remove any old stain on the deck and seal it with a special
penetrating agent. When using a penetrating agent, the oil will seal deep
into the wood giving your deck a much more natural and effective seal.
Our special sealing agent will bring out the natural wood grain in your
deck and will not scratch or peel away. It also comes in a variety of
colors to choose from, which you can see in our gallery, or call us to
view our sealant manufacturers gallery.

Not every deck can accept a penetrating agent for the simple fact that
some sealers are very stubborn to remove. When this accurse for us, we
prefer to use Duron, or Sherwin Williams products called Deck Scapes.
We have applied this product over many different types of stain, and have
found it to be very effective with its longevity. Deck scapes offers a
variety of colors to choose from, which can be seen at any local store,
or @ Sherwin

Roof Cleaning

Have you noticed black streaking or green moss on your roof?

If you have noticed black streaking, green moss or algae on your roof,
it is important that it is removed as soon as possible. Over time this
will lead to shingle damage, and possibly roof replacement if left uncared
for. This particular type of algae Gloeocapsa Magma is air-born and will
eventually spread throughout the entire roof, starting from the north
side first.

When washing a roof the amount of water pressure and strength of the detergent
is very important for the life of the shingle. Under Pressure has encountered
many types of roofs, and knows the proper solution and PSI for each job
we perform. Our goal when washing a roof is to treat the entire area that
has been affected by any growth to assure a good thorough even cleaning.
During our cleaning process our detergent will destroy all growth on the
shingle, followed by a thorough low pressure rinse. You can view our gallery
to see our work.

In some cases a roof may need repair before washing to assure no further
damage. In this case we work with a very reputable roofing company that
can assist with inspection and repair. They can be reached @

Gutter cleaning

We offer interior gutter cleaning with no mess left behind. We will remove
all of the debris from your roof and gutters as well as, flush all downspouts
thoroughly. We offer gutter cleaning for commercial and residential, with
maintenance contracts as well.

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